About Total Submission

For us, the line between passion and craft is beautifully blurred. Our DNA is deeply rooted in dedication, top-tier quality, and a thriving community.

Mistress t

About the founder

With a history that stretches back decades, our brand is a living testament to our founder’s relentless pursuit of excellence in her craft and an unwavering bond with the BDSM community. From meticulously handcrafted BDSM toys to a platform that nurtures education and genuine connections, Total Submission stands as more than just a brand.

It’s a movement, a pledge, and an adventure. And it’s one we warmly invite you to join.

Our JOurney

Total Submission: From Inception to Evolution

The heart of a brand often lies in its roots, its journey of transformation, and the tales that define its very essence. For Total Submission, the story is brimming with passion, craft, and transformative moments.

Picture 1986. A year when our founder’s fervor for sewing manifested into delightful children’s attire. By the time 2008 rolled around, she was crafting more than just children’s clothes. Her talents blossomed, giving life to backpacks, purses, and wallets that soon graced local farmers’ markets.

2010, however, was a watershed moment.

As she delved deeper into the BDSM community, an evident void surfaced. Quality BDSM toys were scarce. It was this pivotal realization that sowed the seeds for what would become Total Submission.

“High quality impact toys from someone that uses them well means you’re getting ruggedly tested toys that are understood from both sides of the slash”

Testimonial from Samantha
Total Submission Brand Logo

From MistressT.ca to TotalSubmission.ca

With the world shifting online, 2020 saw us establishing our first e-commerce store with mistresst.ca.

But, as fate would have it, a random interaction with another “Mistress T”, a stalwart in the BDSM scene, stirred the winds of change. Reminiscing about their exchange, our founder candidly shared, “After a short back and forth email conversation with the other Mistress T, it became clear that a rebrand would best serve the community. That epiphany led to the birth of Total Submission MFG and the transition to TotalSubmission.ca.”

Three years of nurturing mistresst.ca, coupled with the decades of unwavering commitment to quality and community, have shaped Total Submission. Today, it stands not just as a brand, but as a promise and a beacon for both BDSM novices and connoisseurs alike.


Where Quality Meets Dedication

At the heart of Total Submission lies an unwavering commitment to crafting the finest BDSM gear and impact play toys. From selecting the perfect materials to the final stitch, every step is a labor of love.

Our founder, Mistress T, emphasizes the essence of our craftsmanship, stating, I need to touch the material, see how it moves, and put it through its paces before I even consider it for my creations. I’ve always been hands-on, ensuring that what we create isn’t just functional, but a piece of art.”

Through years of experimentation and refining techniques, we’ve transitioned from diverse crafts like children’s clothing to the intricate art of BDSM toys. And every creation bears testimony to our dedication to quality and artistry.

Moreover, we’re fully aware of the diverse preferences of our community. For our vegan friends, we’ve curated a range of products using durable and cruelty-free materials like cork, vinyl, rubber, and PVC.

As Mistress T puts it, “When crafting vegan options, I’m uncompromising in my selection of materials. They need to be robust and withstand heavy use, ensuring our vegan friends don’t miss out on the Total Submission experience.”

Dominatrix Mistress T, our founder, teaches classes and workshops in beginner bondage

Building Bonds, Fostering Growth

At Total Submission, it’s not just about crafting the finest BDSM toys; it’s about nurturing an inclusive and informed community. Over the years, we’ve become more than a brand. We’re a beacon of knowledge and a haven for those passionate about BDSM.

Our founder’s commitment to education is unwavering. With over 200 hours of instruction, she has guided countless individuals through a myriad of subjects. Some of the standout classes include “Intro to Safe BDSM”, “Flogging 101”, and “Florentine Flogging”, which is particularly recommended for beginners eager to delve into the craft safely and informatively.

Every 2-hour class is meticulously curated, ensuring participants garner a deeper understanding and appreciation for the craft and community. It’s a decade of enriching minds, ensuring everyone feels seen, understood, and empowered.

Through workshops, events, and hands-on sessions, Total Submission has established a space where everyone, from curious beginners to seasoned veterans, can learn, connect, and grow.

Total Submission is a tapestry of shared experiences, continuous learning, and the strong bonds we’ve built with our community.

quality & commitment

The Touch and Test Philosophy

Everything at Total Submission is a labor of love and dedication.

Our founder firmly believes, “I have to see the material, touch it, and put it through its paces before I use it. It’s a sentiment that resonates in every stitch, every design, every product. Many toys are manufactured in China, using materials that are not intended for close body contact, and can be toxic. We ensure that’s never the case with our creations.”

Hand-Stitched, Distinctive Design

From the very beginning, our ethos was clear: quality over everything. The unique square handle design ensures a comfortable grip, while hand-stitching guarantees durability and a touch of bespoke luxury.

Our products aren’t just tools; they are extensions of the user, ensuring a seamless experience.

Custom Orders

A testament to Quality

We understand BDSM is personal. That’s why we offer custom orders. Our founder emphasizes, “When I do custom orders, I sit down with the client and we design what they want together.” It’s this collaborative approach, coupled with our commitment to excellence, that sets us apart.

With every piece we craft, the promise is consistent – unparalleled quality, commitment, and a personal touch. Total Submission stands as a testament to what happens when passion meets craft.

Growth and Expansion

From humble beginnings in Alberta to our vibrant presence in Kelowna, BC, Total Submission’s journey has been nothing short of spectacular.

Teaching and Workshops

While our Lake Country storefront has become a hub for enthusiasts to learn and connect, our influence isn’t confined to these walls. Our founder, with her deep-rooted expertise, conducts workshops not only at our Total Submission store in Kelowna,BC, but also at events, dungeons, and conferences.

This commitment to education and community growth has seen her teaching skills from “Intro to safe BDSM” to specialized classes on “Fire Flogging”.

Making Our Mark

Our dedication to quality and craft hasn’t gone unnoticed.

We’ve showcased our exquisite range of products at renowned Kink Markets in Edmonton, Calgary, and Kelowna.

Each display, each interaction, further cements our reputation as a brand that stands for quality and community.

Dungeon Masterclasses

“Unveilling the secrets of Bondage and BDSM. Descend into a realm of control, submission and seductive learning.”

While our products have found homes across Canada, the US, and Mexico, our vision is global.

With plans for online webinars, we aim to touch the hearts (and ignite the passions) of an international audience, ensuring that our message of safe, consensual, and quality BDSM reaches every corner of the world.

What’s next

Our Vision for the Future

At Total Submission, our journey is never-ending. As we reflect on our growth, we’re always looking ahead, dreaming big and setting goals.

Our commitment to education and community will only deepen. With plans to roll out online webinars, we aim to reach BDSM enthusiasts across the globe, ensuring that distance is no barrier to quality learning. From understanding the intricacies of the Fire Flogger to the delicate dance of Florentine Flogging, we want to make sure everyone, everywhere, has access to expert knowledge.

Our product line will continue to evolve. While we’ve been proud to introduce game-changers like the Fire Flogger, we’re in constant exploration mode. Who knows what the next innovation will be? But one thing’s for sure, it’ll be crafted with the same love, dedication, and quality that defines Total Submission.

Inclusivity remains at our core. We’ve always believed BDSM is for everyone, and as we expand, we’re committed to ensuring our products and teachings resonate with all, regardless of geography, experience, or preferences.

The future? It looks promising, exhilarating, and as always, handcrafted with passion.

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